Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

You can plan and manage all your sales force activities and analyze them in an efficient way by reporting periodically with Veribase.com.

No. Veribase.com is a cloud-based system where you can log in by using the username and password that we have provided and does not require an additional server cost.

No. Veribase.com is a web and mobile based CRM system. Thus, you can access the system from your laptop, as well as from all mobile devices by downloading our application from the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Windows Market.

You can use Veribase.com over your monthly user number, according to the package you have determined. In addition, a one-time setup fee is paid for certain packages.

No. The "Visit Record" and "CLM Presentation" modules that you will use daily and regularly on Veribase.com can work without an internet connection. Our modules, which you need uninterrupted internet, are certain functions that you operate during certain periods of the month.

Yes. Our technical team, consisting of team members who are experts in their fields, will do their best in all kinds of special development works for you.

No. You can only choose the modules you need and make your monthly payment through them.

Yes. All your data is stored on our last technology servers and all security measures are taken. In addition, the service contract we signed at the beginning of the project includes articles about your data security.

Yes. We can provide integration with other softwares, especially ERP systems, that your company is using.

Yes. You can reach our help desk line, which consists of expert team members, regarding all your questions, and you can get answers to all your requests as soon as possible.