Customer Segmentation

Segmenting the healthcare professionals you are working with is now easier than every with

You can classify your contact list according to the criteria you have determined, and you can plan all your commercial activities over this classification.





We invite you to meet's CLM E-Detailing Module.

In today's world where digitalization has increased its impact in all areas of business life, it is more and more important to present your products and services to your contacts through digital presentations.

With’s CLM Module, you can report in detail the start and end times of the CLM presentations that your field team has made, and how much time has been spent on each page. Another amazing feature of our CLM module is that it offers you the opportunity to work offline.

In addition to all these features, your field team can choose the pages they want from the presentations available in the system and create their own presentations.

Omnichannel Management

In today's business life where marketing activities are carried out through digital channels, is always with you in objective to reach your contacts in the most effective way.

You can realize mass or uniqe e-mail activity via, and also you can send messages about your products and services to your contacts with our integrations with various social media tools.

All your digital marketing activities can be reported in detail, and you can measure whether your contacts review your messages or not.


Smart Reporting & Dashboard

You can provide graphical display of data and extract transactions into different formats with Smart Reporting which provides detailed reporting of all the activities of your field team.

With the Knowledge Cube feature, you can prepare your own reports and send regular e-mail reports to you and your managers on the day and time you have determined.