Business Consultancy

In the light of our long years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we provide consultancy services to our customers, especially in the field of SFE, and share our recommendations for the most effective management of field teams.

The meaningful interpretation of the data obtained as a result of the activities carried out by the field sales teams and the planning of the related estimations constitute our main consultancy area.

Technical Support

With our technical team consisting of expert members, we are with our customers whenever they need it.

Being aware of the fact that each company has its own needs, we offer our system to your service by configuring it in a customized way in line with the incoming demands.

You can easily reach our help desk team for all technical support needs of you and your field force, and you can track your request through the system.

Data Validation Service

Updating your database is vital in order to maintain your commercial activities effectively in the healthcare sector where your contacts carry out heavy displacement.

Our data validation team, consisting of experts in their fields, regularly calls the units and offers you the most up-to-date and healthy database.

By using Database Validation Service, you can be sure that the contacts in the monthly plans made by your field team are at the right address.